Price list

Consultations $250 Pay Now..

Includes: Business Solutions Development

*Strategic Planning

*Suggested Strategy & Implementation Methods

* Business Training Courses
* Business Analysis
* Market Research
* Marketing &Advertising Program
* Funding Opportunities
Interpreter/Translation Services:
Music Lyrics, Poems, Books, Pamphlets, Journals, Newsletters are $50 &Up base fee plus 22 cents per word depending on the document word count.
All Medical, Legal and Technical Translations are billed after review of documentation base fee starts at $125 plus 52 cents per word Price may be subject to a flat fee depending on word count of document and difficulty of translation.
Business Training Program for Business Owners,Managers and Executives(Individual/Group) :
Individual Training starts at $200 Pay Now..
Weekly training $1,000 Pay Now..
Group of 2-5 $2,500 Pay Now..
Multi-week Sessions start at $500 Pay Now..
Individual session $2,250 Pay Now..
Group session $5,200 Pay Now..
Spanish & English lessons(Individual or Group)
Weekly price $50 Pay Now..
7-week price $325 Pay Now..
28-week bundle pricing $1,300 Pay Now..
Night and Saturday Individual and Group Lessons price $75 & Up by availability only! Pay Now..
Effective August 23, 2010 language lesson prices will increase, Call for more information or email for clarification or questions. Thank You..




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