Language Services

Interpreter services(Via phone call, email, conference call, etc.)
Translations(Books, Articles, Newsletters, Lyrics, Poetry, Scripts, Pamphlets, Applications, Training Materials, Presentations, Power Point & More)
Private Lessons(In Spanish, French & English)
Trilingual Voicemail and support
Trilingual Website setups

Tax Services

Do you need a TIN(tax identification number) because you do not have a SSN(social security number)?
We assist with resolving tax issues and helping you file if you have never filed.
Are you working under someone else's social security number?
Are you a victim of stolen identity? We can help you!
For any enquiry E-Mail us at

Relationship Services

Are you planning a trip for business or pleasure, vacation for the family or for two?
Let us help you plan an eventful experience. Just provide the Dates and budget and we will do everything else.
Are you tired of blowing it with your significant other?
Are you clueless when it comes to romance?
Don't have a clue of what is going on in your relationship?
Really wish you could take your relationship to the next level? Let us plan a night of romance for you!
Is it his/her birthday? Let us plan your success with gifts included. All you have to do is show up!!.
For any enquiry E-Mail us at