Refund Policy:

All products and services are released to the customer as their exclusive property to be used at their discretion. Lingual Needs Consulting Group, Inc., retains no responsibility of future uses or damages incurred as a result of use of products or services and will not issue a refund for products or services after the customer has agreed to their satisfaction or alterations have been made by the customer or other third party sources. Any lesson/training bundle package purchased in advance shall be refunded in full less the administration fee up to the week before lessons are to begin. The customer has until the end of the first week of lessons to cancel to receive a partial refund to be determined at time of request. The customer must submit request for cancellation to including the reason for cancellation and the effective dates. If for any reason a customer fails to appear for lessons 2 consecutive times without notice i.e. email or direct contact with instructor or Lingual Needs Consulting Group, Inc. representative, the customer will be dropped from lesson schedule and all payments toward future lessons will be forfeited. If the customer presents documentation to support reason for resubmission such as medical records from Emergency Room, acceptable doctor’s/dentist statement, etc. A resubmission fee of $75 will be charged to the customers account and will have to be paid in full before lessons can be resumed. The student will be subject to availability at the time of resubmission or next session dates. All payments for lessons are required the week prior to lessons beginning. If payment is received the same week lessons are to be held the payment will incur an additional late fee of $25 added to the selected weeks cost. If payment is received less than 7 calendar days before the scheduled lesson no refunds will be issued. All debit/credit cards are accepted for payment including American Express/Discover/Diner's Club and affiliates. No personal checks are accepted for any reason. Business checks, postal money orders, Bank of America/Chase money orders are accepted and subject to funds verification holds on enrollment. These fund verification holds will delay enrollment for 5-10 business days. If for any reason the business checks or money orders are returned, a return check fee will be incurred in addition to a late fee and resubmission fee before enrollment will occur. If these charges are not paid in full within 30 calendar days of notice all future services and lessons will be suspended/terminated indefinitely.
All Consultation fees must be paid at time of appointment request. Cancellation of appointment may occur with full refund less the administration fee of $25 up to 48 hours before appointment time. If appointment rescheduling/cancellation occurs later than 48 hours prior to the appointment time a 25% administration fee will result and the remaining funds will be refunded to the customer. If for any reason the customer fails to show up to the scheduled appointment, the consultation fee will be forfeited and will not be available for any future services or products.  Supercedes should be supercedes.  Consulting should be Consulting. The Lingual Needs Consulting Group Inc., representative will wait at a maximum of 30 minutes per request of the customer after the original appointment time for the customer at an additional fee of $55 charged to the debit/credit card used to secure the consultation. If the consultation was paid for with a business check an invoice will be emailed immediately and submitted for immediate payment from the checking account used at time of appointment request. If payment was made with a money order a debit/credit card must be provided at time of request to have Lingual Needs Consulting Group, Inc., representative to wait. Payment will be processed immediately and an invoice will be forwarded to the customers email account of record. If for any reason payment is not secured the appointment will be cancelled indefinitely and no refunds will be issued.

Interpreter/Translation services are non-refundable. These services are correctable and alterable up to 30 calendar days after delivery. Please email for clarification and all questions concerning the Lingual Needs Consulting Group, Inc., refund policy.
Note: You may email us your comments/concerns 24-7 to You may also give us feedback on products and services received or additions/suggestions you would like to see made. By doing us this favor, we will give you 20% off of your next order. It doesn’t take long. Just a simple paragraph of your likes and dislikes, surprises, advantages/disadvantages, whether we met your expectations or surpassed them and whether or not you will refer our services/products to others. Just by doing this you win instantly, a benefit that never expires and is able to be used with other promotions.
Lingual Needs Consulting Group, Inc., reserves the right to make alterations/changes to all policies at any given time without notification. Lingual Needs Consulting Group, Inc., also intends to inform and petition suggestions from customers before any alterations/changes to current policies are to occur via email. Each customer relationship is uniquely exclusive to that client and would receive a tailored agreement specific to their request. The final agreement with each customer mutually accepted, signed and dated supercedes general policies of Lingual Needs Consulting Group, Inc. At all times are the Lingual Needs Consulting Group, Inc., policies to be upheld, enforced and adhered to. By sending emails to Lingual Needs Consulting Group, Inc., requesting information, services, products, and accepting offers from Lingual Needs Consulting Group, Inc., consumers are agreeing to abide by Lingual Needs Consulting Group, Inc., policies, terms and agreements.