About Us

Lingual Needs Consulting Group, Inc., consultants can be contacted 24-7, 365 and ¼ days of the year via email at iq@lingualneeds.info or by voicemail at 682.465.6588.
Mail all correspondence and payments to P.O. Box 211362, Bedford TX 76095. We welcome your suggestions, comments, concerns, service/product improvements and even your dislikes. In fact, we reward them! By doing us the simple favor of emailing us your thoughts, including if you will refer our company to others, you win instantly. You will receive a 20% discount on your very next order, a benefit that never expires and can be used with current promotions! So take the time to drop us a few lines about our company and consultants at csfeedback@lingualneeds.info.

Lingual Needs Consulting Group, Inc., is based in Bedford, Texas. Our consultants are seasoned veterans with business backgrounds and several years of experience in every service offered. Our consultants are degreed interpreters and translators with Certifications to accompany their native language studies or 25 years plus fluency in the languages offered by Lingual Needs Consulting Group, Inc. Our mission is to provide excellent customer service that creates a foundation for success and long lasting relationships with clients for years to come. We look forward to becoming a business owner’s paradise. An avenue where management and executives can let their guard down, discuss challenges and receive penalty free advise/solutions that keep them ahead of the curve.

Our vision is to maintain a reputation of excellence and consistency. We want to soar above the rest and stand alone in service and quality. We want to be our clients’ only choice, not the first choice, but the "ONLY CHOICE". Lingual Needs Consulting Group, Inc., culture is one of evolving diversity and innovation. We welcome creativity and flexibility. Although we maintain some traditional values when it comes to dress code(business casual) and consultant-client relationship(Sir/Ma’am, Mr./Mrs., well prepared focused meetings following an agenda, etc.) we do allow our consultants the autonomy to plan their day and execution strategy. We believe in our consultants skills set and competencies to get the job done. We hold a very involved relationship with our clients. There are no standard templates to follow here. Each client relationship is uniquely exclusive and tailored to their specific needs. We expect the best so we hire the best and our consultants define that measure. Our clients will receive the same superior level of quality every time and will work with the same consultant, if you choose to do so. Whatever the project, goal, expectation, dream we will get you there. We look forward to surpassing your expectations by preparing you with the tools necessary for your success.

LNCG, Inc. Ethics – We value diversity, we employ innovation

• Loyalty– an action displayed through effort recognizing value in human beings above financial compensation or personal gain.
• Integrity – Honoring the trust a customer or employer has placed in you
• Neatness – organizational skills and awareness of one’s environment
• Goal Orientation – Active pursuit of accomplishment aligned with personal and company strategy and expectation
• Unconditional Enthusiasm – Limitless Energy, Attitude and Motivation
• Assurance – The comfort level necessary to release the thought processes to problem solve and transpire that effort into tangible evidence
• Longevity – Establishing relationships with legendary behavior. Become apart of our team! We are constantly looking for multi-lingual consultants. If you are a degreed translator with a business background and ATA certified or comparable certification of the following languages: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese
• Email your resume to iq@lingualneeds.info. Check out our monthly newsletter for employment opportunities and current promotions. You may subscribe to our newsletter by submitting a request to iq@lingualneeds.info.